Potato Chips Baking Production Line

Potato Chips Baking Production Line

This potato chips baking production line is a kind of production line equipment for baking compound potato chips, including powder mixing machine, chip rolling machine, forming machine, residual material recovery, oil injection machine, furnace feeder, tunnel oven, cooling conveying, packing and packing conveying.

Product Details

Basic Info

Product Name:potato chips baking production line

Raw material: potato powder.

Final products: baed potato chips, baked chips.

Capacity: 300kg/h, 500-600kg/s.

Product Description:

The advantage of potato chips baking production line is the production of baked composite potato chips, both coarse grain products and non-fried food, which is suitable for the current leisure and healthy consumption concept.

The potato chips baking production line uses the powerful core technologies such as intelligent vision, stack-suction pickup device and intelligent control, and is equipped with the key equipment such as intelligent camera, pickup device, high-speed stacker and turnover mechanism to realize the sorting and packaging of baked potato chips.


-Potato chips are made in the advanced state of the art manufacturing facility.

-Latest high-tech design of snacks food manufacturing machines for best performance.

-Best quality mechanical & electronics parts are used for long working life of the snacks food equipment.

-All the contact parts of snack food processing and packaging machinery are made of food-grade materials.

-This production line combines the international advanced level to develop. The automation degree is high and is easy to operate.

-This production line effectively replaces manual sorting and packaging, making food packaging more hygienic. Its intelligent and automatic production mode improves work efficiency.


Machine Model



Gas Consumption

Model 620 




Model 1000 




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