Complete Unit of Citrus Processing Line

Complete Unit of Citrus Processing Line

BEYONDPROPAK is a professional manufacturer and supplier of complete unit of citrus processing line, we specialized in supplying oranges and similar fruits processing lines such as citrus, orange, lemon, pomelo and grapefruit etc. From designing, equipment manufacturer, installation and...

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It has been for long time cooperating with FMC, FOMESA and other world famous orange processing machinery manufacturers, BEYONDPROPAK has developed perfect processing solutions on orange and similar fruits, further more we have already formed our own advantages and characteristics in the exact processing stages, such as grading, debitterizing, deacidification, finishing, sterilization and evaporation etc.

Diagrammatic Sketch of  Complete Unit of Citrus Processing Line

diagram of complete unit citrus processing line.jpg

Flow Chart of Citrus Processing Line

flow chart of citrust processing line.jpg

Equipment Layout of Citrus Processing Line

Citrus processing Layout.jpg

Features of Citrus Processing Line:

1, Wide range of raw fruits are available, this complete unit of citrus processing line is applicable for all kinds of orange fruits with similar characteristics such as citrus, lemon, orange, pomelo and grapefruit etc.


2, Flexible configuration to make the complete citrus processing line according to different requirements for the end products. Some exact equipments with different flexible chosen functions. For example, debitterizing, deacidification, oil refiner, evaporation etc.


3, According to different investments value and product structure, client can require average, middle level or high level processing equipments.


4, End product is with pure flavor, bright color and high output percentage.


5, Whole Citrus Processing Line has features as high level automatic, low labour intensity, easy operation, safe function and low operation cost.


6, Whole Citrus Processing Line adopt sanitary design, which can be cleaned thoroughly, with high level sanitation.

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