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2017 Candy Industry Two Major Trends

- Mar 23, 2017 -

Bakery industry developed very quickly, and the market capacity is expanded. As consumers of product and market changes, baked goods pay more attention to nutrition, health, natural, unique, and other factors. Recently, Nielsen, former marketing guru Todd Hale points out that today's diversity creates new challenges and opportunities and, in addition, he also pointed out that the year 2017 baked snacks will present new trends and new characteristics.

Survey of market research company Technavio, Elmhurst, United States candy market in 2016 sales will reach $35.86 billion for the year, to reach us $38.19 billion by 2020. Judging from the sales in 2015, total sales amounted to 7.31 billion pounds, to 2020 year sales increased to 7.61 billion pounds, a compound annual growth rate 0.81%.

In order to deal with such tepid growth predicted that large manufacturers are taking a series of measures to adapt to the new market situation, including peer acquisition, through acquisitions to diversify their portfolios, coordination with current consumer trends, and international expansion.

In June, the billion US $107 per share HIV/AIDS international to buy Hershey. Such a combination would create a global confectionery Empire, but Hershey's Board of Directors rejected the offer, by late August, millions of HIV/AIDS indicated that it would no longer pursue merger with Hershey.

As this motion stops talking, both companies have to consider other options to improve the profitability of its candy business.

Nielsen data shows that 2015 us confectionery market share 31% of the Hershey Company has taken various initiatives to improve performance, including its acquisition of Krave meat snacks and barkTHINS companies to diversify, sought to establish in China a greater foothold and rely on more modern consumer insight to promote product innovation.

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