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250kg/h Lays Fried Potato Chips Production Line Proposal For Customers

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Sliced Potato Chips Production Line

(Capacity: 250-300kg/h of finished products, Sample Product: Lays)

fried potato chips line.png

Lays Potato Chips

lays potato chips production line.png

Fried Potato Chips

Main Specification of the whole Lays Fried Potato Chips Production Line:

Raw Material

Fresh Potato
Requirement about Fresh PotatoRegular tuber shape, Relatively homogeneous tuber size, Thin skin, Color consistency, Less bud eye, Large relative density, High starch and total solids content, Low sugar content, Relatively consistent cultivation soil environment, potato diameter: 50-70mm.
Final ProductSliced Potato Chips Packed in Bags
Output Capacity250-300kg/h
Install DimensionL58000*W12000*H5000mm
Operator No.12-15 workers/shift
Shipping Container No.7*40’HQ
Chips SizeAccording to potato size
Chips Thickness1.0-2.5mm(Adjustable)
Length of Fryer8m
Frying TimeAbout 1 Minutes(following to the chips thickness)
Frying OilPalm Oil
Frying Temperature180-200°C
Oil Heating MachineHeater
Heating Fuel for HeaterDiesel
Fuel Consumption60-70Kgs/H
Power Supply380/220V, 50Hz (3 Phrase, 5 Wires)
Total Power for Whole Line90Kw(About)

Potato Chips Line Machine Layout

potato chips line layout.jpg

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