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Baking Key To Market Promising Technologies Into Industrial Development

- Mar 23, 2017 -

Due to baking delicious, nutritious characteristics such as baking huge consumption market in China. But compared with foreign baking skills, China is still backward, in the context of increasing competition in the market, baking skills increased innovation as the key to industrial development.

At present, our line of baked goods from one or two cities gradually to three or four urban and rural market penetration. Bread and other baked goods become residents of a breakfast staple. And consumer groups are also expanding, will achieve full coverage from children to the elderly. Therefore, these facts can clearly know our baked goods industry growth will accelerate in the future.

Baked market development prospects, or directly to the intensification of competition in the market. Apart from a few common bakery brands on the market today, small, big and Small cake shop, cake shop in the explosion of State. However, a few well-known baking enterprises, clueless bakery brand is rare. Therefore, to have a stable consumer group, market share, price alone is not enough, also need to taste, breakthrough products, packaging and other aspects.

Only those with a strong technical support, we can achieve a breakthrough in the true sense. Now basically achieve mechanization of baking. The more advanced technology and equipment more easily win. This also means that the domestic baking market competition from the "price wars" competition into product quality and product development at the core of the competition track.

Improve product quality and innovative product development are closely related to baking equipment and technology development. Application of new technology in the current food machinery mainly include nanotechnology, intelligent technology, membrane technology, cold sterilization technique, extrusion technology, nanotechnology and smart technology in baking food machinery with big advantages. Smart technology has been widely used food machinery control system, can improve production efficiency, and fulfill the machine's potential.

Although new technologies continue to develop and apply to industry in a timely manner. But our current baking technology and equipment still lags far behind the international advanced level. Apart from some foreign-funded enterprises, but most domestic enterprises still use traditional production technologies, new technologies such as fermentation process twice, twice mixing technology, continuous fermentation process and high continuous ovens and automatic control equipment has not been widespread. Developed countries have commonly used fresh dough, frozen dough technology in China has a more in-depth study, but do not form a scale of production capacity.

Since the bakery market prospects, competition has tendency to product quality and product development of healthy competition, the innovation will be the primary task of the mechanical equipment.

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