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Chocolate Beans Triangle Piece-counting Packing Machine By Bangladesh Customers Order Delivery

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Thanks to Bangladesh customer's trust on ordering our piece-counting triangle packing machine for their chocolate beans product. We succeed in testing chocolate beans samples on designed triangle packing.

He has chosen our automatic triangle packing machine of piece-counting system for below reasons:

1, Besides launching chocolate beans pillow pack by cup volume system of vertical back-side/pillow packing machine to the bangladesh market, they also wants to launch triangle packing form as new type of packing.

2, Chocolate bean products are uniform shape, the bangladesh customer wants each pack same amount pieces of choco beans, so instead of cup volume packing system, they prefer piece-counting packing system.

3, This piece-counting triangle packing machine is very stable and easy to operate and maintain.

4, Our after-sale service is with fast response and good communication to support them handling all kinds of machine running questions and maintenance so that machine can run smoothly and have long time shelf life.

triangle packaging machine manufacturer.jpg

Piece-Counting Triangle Packing Machine

Triangle Packing machine Piece-counting Plate factory.jpg

Triangle Packing machine Piece-counting Plate

Triangle packaging machine Piece-counting Plate supplier.jpg

Triangle packaging machine Piece-counting Plate

Chocolate beans triangle packing plant.jpg

Chocolate beans triangle packing

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