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Crises And Opportunities Of Beverage Machinery Manufacturing Industry: Companies Need To Play A Role In Boosting

- Mar 23, 2017 -

In recent years, the rapid development of the food industry, especially the fast-growing beverage industry data, for the corresponding machinery market has brought unlimited business opportunities. Our drinks machines on the one hand suffer from traditional to modern, high tech transition pressure, on the one hand through new trends for exact directions. Both opportunities and challenges, this is the beverage machinery industry face the enterprises to actively play its role in this process.

Beverage machinery used in the production of a variety of beverage machinery and equipment, which reduces labor costs, save time, are generally composed of several mechanical parts Assembly operation, according to the different needs, you can assemble different parts in order to tie in with the production. At this stage, beverage processing machinery in China can meet the General requirements of the beverage business, but cannot fully meet the needs of development of the beverage industry, especially fruit and vegetable beverage pre-treatment equipment manufacturing level is not high.

Industry analysts said there are three main reasons. First, industry based poor, Enterprise independent development capacity not high, "65" to "95" national input rarely, enterprise to survival only development short, and flat, and fast products, caused low products malignant competition; second, due to funds serious shortage, reasons, high-tech content of products out, Enterprise unable to input funds for development; third, part enterprise not focused on products quality, technical input less, processing equipment old, coupled with based parts, and supporting pieces quality not clearance, to effect machine of reliability.

But, on the other hand, market development is pushing China's beverage machinery in high speed, high quality, high precision direction, and multi-functional equipment, mechanical, mechatronics, and even intelligent, has also become a mechanical new breakthroughs in the development of fruit and vegetable drinks. A case study of Huiyuan, judging from the mass production and market share, beverage production enterprises in order to get the best benefits, large-scale, overall beverage equipment is a basic trend.

In addition, the programmable logic controller in control systems commonly used in beverage machinery and equipment, equipment controlled by computer, the self-diagnosis, signals, intelligence. The beverage equipment goes digital, intelligent has created a very good opportunity. Not only help upgrade production equipment technology, reliability and automation level and the efficiency of the production line, but also the entire production line efficiency, production costs and affects product quality.

In view of this, drinks there is a mechanical problem, but new trends and competitive pressures are forcing the entire industry upgrade. Industry professionals also showed that general trend, as the market opened and beverage machinery industry in China and the world is speeding up high-end products will be high market, international competition, set security in one beverage machinery products and technology will be the mainstream in the future. Premium beverage machines will go into the development of fast track.

At this point, we still need to emphasize certain is that enterprises in the development process to promote the development of industry played an important role. Lack of talent, research is weak, lack of investment, poor innovation, competition, and enlarge these issues and can have a very significant negative impact. Thus, beverage machinery manufacturing enterprises must be clearly shorter boards, neither trapped nor passively follow in front of new trends, and according to their own creativity, technical strength gradually gain the initiative, in the manufacture of products, enhance the quality of foot effort.

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