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Drinktec Sketch On Drinking Machine And Technology

- Sep 19, 2017 -

On September 11th 2017, opening Ceremony of Drinktec was held at Munich International Exhibition Center (Messe Munchen). Major multinational manufacturers, suppliers and SMEs world wide, as well as Industry’s Major producers and retailers gathered here, to demostrage global customers the world’s toppest products and the most high-end manufacturing.

China’s high-end liquid packaging machinery industry leader brought a new generation combi with ultra hygienic load cell technology for one gallon bottle. As always they showed extraordinary attraction and influence, demostrating with strength the world counterparts majestic and charm of Made-In-China. A large number of customers visited china booth to see running equipment. During the whole exhibition period, visitors flocked.


Visitors showed great interest in Chinas beverage equipment and technology, in order to make them know more advantages of this combi intuitively, manufacturer staff on-site displayed and explained the process of operation with running machine. Due to high-tech and stable operation, visitors had a more profound understanding on technology innovation and quality control. Most of visitors on-site had detailed consultations, expecting to conduct in-depth cooperation. With high market orientation, China machines treasure every opportunity in international arena to demonstrate itself, playing steadily and at the same time insisting on innovation, creating an exclusive world class brand from China. In Drinktec 2017, Made-In-China had declared the world of power, promoting Chinas manufacturing industry to the direction of world class level.

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