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Food And Beverage Packaging Industry Trends

- Mar 23, 2017 -

With increasing demand for the healthy way of life, consumers have gradually asking for food and beverage packaging can be more clear and concise. When consumers choose to buy, they don't want too much information on the packaging, only want to see the most important information, such as recipes and nutritional value, function and safety, the information in a simple and easy to understand way to convey to consumers, and to let them in to buy when there is no doubt.

Consumers also require more product information at time of purchase. Britain, for example, 58% the consumers concerned about prescription information, consumer interest in more than three-fourths the use of artificial additives.

From the consumer's point of view, simple labels and clear communication of information will make them trust the brand. We look forward to seeing food manufacturers to continue to meet the needs of consumers, the label of the product in such a way.

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