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Fresh Fruit Juice High Pressure Processing Machine Asked by Malaysia Customers

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Our High Pressure Processing (HPP) product line includes small lab presses for testing and large commercial-scale systems with pressure vessel capacities from 3 liters up to nearly 800 liters for college,
institute and food factory. Usable with water medium maximum standard operating pressure at 87,000 psi (600 MPa). Our vessel double heat-shrink sleeve and autofrettage technology assures the maximum in pressure vessel safety at lower weights, thus reducing facility and low costs.

we can supply and provide HPP machine specification as follows:
1、experimental specification and main parameters:
HPP600MPa/3-15L-- IDØ120mm--180mm / Vertical or Horizontal Frame

2、the pilot production spec and main parameters:
HPP600MPa/30-100L-- IDØ160mm--300mm/ Vertical or Horizontal Frame

3、the production spec: Horizontal Frame/ IDØ200mm--400mm
⑴ the single (Mono) vessel spec: HPP600MPa/100-500L;
⑵ the parallel 2 (Duo) vessel spec:HPP600MPa/2×50L—2×500L



HPP600MPa High Pressure Processing

High Pressure Processing

Fresh Fruit Juice in Glass Bottle.JPG

Fresh Fruit Juice in Glass Bottle

Fresh Fruit Juice in PET Bottle.JPG

Fresh Fruit Juice in PET Bottle

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