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Global Fruit And Vegetable Juice Beverage Growth In 5% A Year Over The Next Five Years Will Be Presenting 8 Trends

- Mar 23, 2017 -

Carbonated drinks to die, growth in fruit and vegetable juice drinks are amazing. Analysts said that in the next five years, global fruit and vegetable juice drinks will be an average annual growth rate of 5% growth, under the new situation, presented eight key trends of development of fruit and vegetable juice products.

Adding new flavors and food ingredients, products with new texture, vegetable juice beverages, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, diet sugar-free, functional and so will be the new trend of fruit and vegetable juice. Recently, the global food and beverage agency ZenithInternational released a report of the analysis of fruit and vegetable juice market, pointed out that in the next five years, the global fruit and vegetable juice drinks will be an average annual growth rate of 5% for rapid growth.

Fruit and vegetable juice market thanks to the rise of consumer enthusiasm for natural healthy ingredients, carbonated drinks market share has dropped in recent years, drinking water, fruit and vegetable juices, energy drinks, vegetable protein beverage fill that market share for further development.

2016-2021 China beverage industry market requirement and investment consultation report noted that current sales growth fruit and vegetable juices are concentrated in Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America and other regions. And saturated the market of North America, Western Europe and other developed regions, sales will show a declining trend of fruit and vegetable juice beverages, products and forms of innovation is extremely important. Under the new situation, development of fruit and vegetable juice products presents the following eight key trends.

A, add new flavors and food ingredients
With the fruit juice market becoming saturated, how to develop a new flavor, add new ingredients to be the key to attract consumers. In recent years, is rich in nutrition and body have significant antioxidant effect, originating in South America and Africa Super sought after food and beverage industry. In Europe and the United States, yacon, berries, Baobab fruit, wolfberry, bilberry, Chia seeds Super food ingredients or flavors of fruit and vegetable drinks more and more.

Second, products with new texture property
New representative of the textural properties of fruit and vegetable juice is fermented products. Fermented fruit juice by fermentation of pulp, maximum preserved fruit nutrition has a unique flavour of fermented fruits and vegetables, and the fermentation process produces large amounts of amino acids and short chain fatty acids and other nutrients; fermentation also brings a number of metabolites of probiotics, gut-friendly improvements and enhance the body immunity. Meanwhile, juice during fermentation to produce natural antimicrobial substances, without adding preservatives can have a long shelf life.

Fermented fruit and vegetable juice is very popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, but China is still at an early stage. With the popularity of probiotics + drinks at home, fermented fruit and vegetable juice market has great prospects for the future.

Three drinks, vegetable juice Red
Vegetable juices because of poor taste, most of the products on the market are fruit juices mixed fruit and vegetable juices. But compared to fruits and vegetables contain more rich in minerals and trace elements, high nutritional value, calories in sugar than fruit juice, now gradually began to be accepted by the public.

Tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, spinach and cabbage are the main ingredients of vegetable juices on the market today.

Four, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices around the world
Cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices using HPP instantaneous high pressure sterilization technology of raw juices. Cold pressing and bottling the juice obtained directly sealed in 500MPa~600MPa under the pressure of the liquid, pressure transduction of Escherichia coli in fruit juice harmful micro-organisms elimination. HPP FDA approval, do not use high temperature, so it can ensure the juices and flavor.

Cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices seemed to be now one of the most popular fruit and vegetable juice products, beverage makers and entertainers have to enter this industry. The end of 2012, Starbucks for $30 million purchase of cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices brand EvolutionFresh;2005 year Coca Cola announced a $90 million purchase of cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices brand Suja 30% shares; in China, the actress Angelababy also announced an investment of domestic fruit and vegetable juice brand HeyJuice.

Five trends, products, sugar and sugar-free
Sugar reduction has become an important trend of global food industry, multinational in Europe and America began to drink the sugar tax, reform of the FDA food labeling, require enterprises to highlight the dose of added sugars in foods and nutrition facts label standards you want add the sugar percentage of the recommended daily intake.

Fruit juice is a natural food, but sugar is also to be reckoned with. Low-sugar and sugar-free fruit juice also has become the future development trend of fruit juice industry. Juice products, the enterprise uses stevia, siraitia grosvenorii sugar, natural sweeteners such as honey to replace sugar or dietary fiber is added to compensate for the volume of sugar due to the lack of vacancies; the original fruit and vegetable juices, adding more low-sugar fruit and vegetable juice is also a good idea.

Six, functional appearance of the fruit and vegetable juice
New fasting became one of the world's most popular diets, fruit and vegetable juice is to benefit the most from the product. Light is fasting for 3 days in a month time to stop food intake, drinking six bottles of fruit and vegetable juice every day in different time periods to maintain the basic nutritional supplements, in order to achieve the purpose of weight loss Detox.

Europe and the United States have had "the first glass of juice" tradition. Morning first bottle juice select is rich in cellulose of fruits and vegetables juice, for up Hou opened intestinal Peristaltic has help; near midday of juice can help warm stomach, relative high of energy will was better to input work; to has afternoon, mint leaves, and lemon, ingredients has refreshing role, resistance fatigue; night selection of juice contains plant protein, has full abdominal sense is low energy, has help sleep role.

Seven, high-end positioning products
High-end products help companies improve gross margins, market can also be differentiated to differentiate. Fruit and vegetable juice market in the past, mostly in 5-8 products. Uniform micro-moments of fruit and vegetable juice introduced this year costs 10 RMB/bottle, while NFC juices on the market at about 15 Yuan, HPP cold pressed fruit juices is 20 Yuan, are high-end positioning products.

There are also higher-end private custom fruit and vegetable juices, such as wahaha products kellyOne,/300ml cost up to 48 Yuan, completely according to the customer must be free to choose fruits and vegetables to add specific varieties and proportions.

Eight, child-oriented products
Children's food is a product of market segments, higher selling price similar products section. Children's beverages on the market are many, but mostly protein and milk drinks. Children mainly in infants ' food supplement of the juice the juice mud, few end products made children the concept of fruit juice.

Child-related food, without adding to food and nutrition put forward higher requirements, and requires the appearance of novel and interesting to be able to attract the attention of children, this market also has a certain degree of market prospects.

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