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Shaped Lollipop Production Line Proposal For Customers

- Apr 10, 2018 -

flat lollipop.png

Flat Lollipop

shaped lollipop.png

Shaped Lollipop

Flat or Shapped Lollipop Production Line Details:

BT280 shaped lollipop line.png

Model: BT280

Use: Flat, shaped lollipop

Capacity: 150-280kg/h
Total Power: 7.5Kw
Candy Weight: 5~18g/piece

sugar cooker.png

Sugar Cooker

Two sets of electric heating sugar boiler. It is a new electric cooker machine which is used to cook sugar, It controls temperature automatically. Characteristic: no need of steam, economical and practical.                 

Capacity: 20-30 kg/30min
Volume: 100 L
Inner diameter: 550 mm
Outer dimensions: 1500*700*1000 mm
Total power: 20 kw

cooking plate.png

Cooling Plate

The cooling table is applied for cooling the sugar after cooking , economical and practical.

sugar whitening machine.png

Sugar Whitening Machine

This machine is used for pulling and whitening sugar for production of lollipop, crisp candy (sesame or peanut crisp candy), lustrous candy and so on.

Production Capacity: 1-3 ton/8h
Total Power: 2.2 kw
Machine Weight: 300 kg
Machine Size: 660×850×1100 mm

heat table.png

Heat Preservation Table

The table is used for heat preservation after cooking ,simple and practical..

Dimensions: 1800*1000*600 mm
Weight: 235 kg

batch roller.png

Heat Preservation Batch Roller And Rope Sizer

Application: preserving and pulling sugar.

Maximum capacity of batch roller: 0.18 m³ Plodding speed : ≤25 m/min
Total power: 6.3 kw   Weight: 720 kg   Outer dimensions: 3700*800/1700 mm

embossing and robbing machine.png

Sugar Embossing And Rubbing Machine With Conveyor Belt

This machine is used for sugar embossing and rubbing in the production of crutch candy and rainbow swirl lollipop, it is easy to operate and maintain.

Production capacity: 150-300 pcs/min
Sugar bar diameter: 9-14 mm
Power: 4 kw         Dimensions: 1600*1000*1450 mm
Weight: 450 kg    Length of conveyor belt: 4 m

lollipop forming machine.png

Rainbow Swirl Lollipop Forming Machine

It is used for production of rainbow swirl lollipop. If you remove the front frame, it can also produce ordinary flat lollipop such as round ,oval, heart shape,foot shape,and other cartoon characters shapes.  Power: 3kw

Production capacity: 150-250 pcs/min Lollipop weight: 10-20 g/piece 

packing machine.png

Irregular Lollipop Twist Packing Machine

Production capacity: 200 pcs/min
Lollipop size: (25-60)*(25-50)*(8-20) mm
Power: 6.9 kw
Dimensions: 4700*1150*1950 mm

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