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Tea Bag Triangle Packing Machine Asked By Customers

- Oct 30, 2017 -

Today some foreign customer asks tea bag triangle packing machine, for tea bag packing machine, you can choose triangle pack or pillow pack like below samples.

Tea bag triangle pack.png

Tea Bag Triangle Pack

tea bag pillow pack.png

Tea Bag Pillow Pack

For the above tea bag samples, we recommend the customer to use below machine to pack tea making bag.

Tea bag triangle packing machine.png

Tea Bag Triangle Packing Machine

triangle bag making tea packing machine.png

Triangle Bag Making Tea Packing Machine

Packing weight1-10g/bag
Packing speed15-40(bags/min)
Packaging materialsPET gauze, nylon, non-woven fabric, PLA can degrade plant fiber
Sealing and cutting formUltrasonic seal cutting
Number of closure devices2 kits
Bleed pressure≧0.6Mpa
power supply specifications220V/380V 1.1kw
Overall dimensionsL 800× W 1000× H 2200mm

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