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Technology And Equipment Level Of China's Rapid Development Of The Frozen Food Industry

- Mar 23, 2017 -

In recent years, the frozen food has increased technology funding, international frozen flour food industry that are actively tracking, the latest products and technologies, from the United States, Japan and other countries the introduction of advanced production equipment, introduced and trained a large number of professional and technical personnel. Meanwhile, domestic machinery and equipment manufacturers have started to develop the international advanced level of high-end frozen food production equipment, or with food manufacturers combined research, development of non-standard equipment, improve the technical level of domestic frozen flour food industry and level of equipment. More and more domestic enterprises to shift their target market overseas.

In recent years, China's frozen food industry exports increase year by year. According to the Foresight Institute of the frozen food industry in China analysis report data, in 2015, China's frozen food industry exports were 342,900 tons, down 1.26%, compared to 2009, the frozen food industry exports an annual average growth rate of 3.75%.

With the export volume increased year by year, our frozen food exports also increased year by year. In 2015, the frozen food industry in China totaled $588 million, down 2%, compared to 2009, the frozen food industry exports an annual average growth rate of 7.55%.

From the perspective of export price and export price frozen food industry in China has shown a steady growth trend. In 2015, China's frozen food export price at $1714.79/ton, down 0.77%, 24.05% more than in 2009.

Chinese diet culture, delicious Chinese dishes are loved by people, with "Chinese characteristics" of frozen foods, such as frozen Chinese precast dishes, frozen snacks and pastries, and welcomed by the global market. China's frozen rabbit meat, beef in Western Europe has a certain market, the export quantity and variety of vegetables is also increasing. Around the development of Chinese food products, such as steamed dumplings, fried dumplings, spring rolls, steamed stuffed bun, bean frozen flour food has to enter Europe, the Asia-Pacific market. With the holding of a series of international events in China, and specialty foods to the international market influence in China will be further expanded.

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