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The Advantages Of Automation

- Mar 23, 2017 -

Whether mechanical or programming machines of automatic processing can be more precise and accurate treatment of repetitive movements, automation equipment and process in such a simple, repeatable action than more reliable. Automation can significantly improve productivity, either through manual or through increased production. In the food processing industry, automation can also have other advantages, including the following:

1) improve the quality of food: need to be produced at low temperatures to ensure food safety cases, automated machinery can easily cope with. Automated machinery but also in many other harsh work environments, even in very cold environments.

2) improves the uniformity of product: using automated machinery to reduce waste in food production, improving overall yield. Automated cutting more uniformity, estimated accuracy of automated cutting can help meat producers nearly 3% of marketable products.

3) increase in production functions: the automated machinery beyond manual skills adjustment can be made. Automated machinery not only produced in a sterile environment, can also be accurately counted in production, made it possible for the traceability of the product.

4) enhanced job security: Automation can replace operations that relate to employee safety tasks, such as cutting, creating a safer work environment.

5) food security: raise food safety of these pollutants will spread through the operator, but the use of automated machinery to eliminate this pollution from operators of food.

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